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Interview with Peter Breugelmans — Part 2

Starting is always easy but continuing is always a hard task for learning an instrument. So how to keep students motivated even when they don’t see their own progress anymore? This is a very necessary task for music teachers. We … Continue reading

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Interview with Peter Breugelmans – Part 1

A few weeks ago we conducted an interview with Peter Breugelmans, Lichen’s organ teacher. Peter is a proficient organ and harpsichord player and teacher, distinguished in multiple contests. In the next posts here we want to talk about some of … Continue reading

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Music is “useful”

Music can make people relax, happy… Besides, music can help stroke victims communicate! For the many stroke victims devastated by the loss of their ability to speak, music may be the key to unlock language. The patients couldn’t speak anymore … Continue reading

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Making music reduces physical strain

A relatively recent study “Musical agency reduces perceived exertion during strenuous physical performance”, by Thomas Hans Fritz et al., conducted in Germany and Belgium, has found that “making music makes strenuous physical activities less exhausting”. What does that mean? I … Continue reading

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Auto-Tune. Sounds perfect, but…

“The Voice of China”, a famous singing competition programme in China, was doubted by the audience that the contestants’ voices were being altered via Auto-Tune. Also the same happened on X Factor in the US. The technique of Auto-Tune has … Continue reading

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The benefits of music

You may have heard of the Mozart effect. Simply said, this claims that ‘listening to Mozart makes you smarter’, or a more moderate version is that children who listened to Mozart’s music perform better for some mental tasks. But is … Continue reading

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MuSA.RT: interactive and scientific visualizations of musical structures

Hello! Today I want to talk about the content of the following video, in which Professor Elaine Chew talks about MuSA.RT, an application to visualize structures in music: MuSA.RT stands for “Music on the Spiral Array . Real-Time” and is developed … Continue reading

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