Interview with Peter Breugelmans — Part 3

Feeling of rhythm is an essential part of music learning, no matter which instrument the student picks up. But there is a phenomenon indicating that some people say they don’t have a feeling for rhythm, while others seems to have the feeling naturally.  The question is: can anyone learn?

According to Peter, the answer is YES! Because the rhythm is inherent in human beings: we all have a heartbeat and the heartbeat is a repeating pattern. Those “rhythmless” people could learn to have rhythm feeling. Well, everything you learn, not only in music learning, you need to analyse what the problem is and divide it into small steps. It sounds a lot like the procedure in engineering projects, right? We cannot program everything at once. We will implement it from small parts and test them, then we build it up further. The same goes for music teaching. And it will give more challenging work to the teacher: how to approach each student.

Actually Peter believes that in general, more people could learn more things when they would be given the time and also approached in a way that they will learn it, if there is no time limit. I can’t agree more personally. I would like to do a bunch of things if I HAVE TIME and a good teacher of course. I would learn how to play decent piano, paint… 😛

We have a lot more to say, not only about this interview but also other discussions/events in our blog. For now however, this will be our last blog post probably. Thanks for all your support and we do enjoy the discussion time. SO…. See you at the USO concert! 😀 If you want to discuss more about music, feel free to leave a comment or contact us privately!

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