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Auto-Tune. Sounds perfect, but…

“The Voice of China”, a famous singing competition programme in China, was doubted by the audience that the contestants’ voices were being altered via Auto-Tune. Also the same happened on X Factor in the US. The technique of Auto-Tune has … Continue reading

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The benefits of music

You may have heard of the Mozart effect. Simply said, this claims that ‘listening to Mozart makes you smarter’, or a more moderate version is that children who listened to Mozart’s music perform better for some mental tasks. But is … Continue reading

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Judging other people’s taste in music

Last week Laura Miller published an article “Is the literary world elitist?”, which addresses the way people judge the taste in literature of others, focusing on how and why they express their disapproval. My first reaction was familiarity, since I … Continue reading

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Live Music Revolution — Variation of the stage configuration

A bunch of people start their music dream after going to a live performance of a favourite band. The live music always gives deep impact on the fans of the band on the stage. And a live music show is … Continue reading

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