Evolution in music teaching

In recent weeks, Niklas and I talked about the advantages and disadvantages of learning music instruments formally (follow regular specialized lessons) or informally (learn by yourself). Thank you for your comments on those, and special thanks to Christophe and Guillaume for sharing their own experiences! 😀

Both ways of learning music instruments have unique advantages that the other way cannot replace. Formal learning will improve your skill on playing in a short time and improve weaknesses that you maybe never realized. And informal learning will typically give the learner a motivation to learn, especially when compare to “boring” formal learning. Sooo, how about to combining these two ways of learning together?!

Obviously we are not the first ones to think of this: Ms. Lucy Green mentioned in her paper MUSIC, INFORMAL LEARNING AND THE SCHOOL: A NEW CLASSROOM PEDAGOGY a new pedagogy of learning music which contains not only musical activities of listening, performing and composing, but also extends to issues of learner autonomy, group co-operation and disaffected pupils.

Creative Process

Different from the traditional formal education, in which the teacher will decide the music pieces for the learners, this new education method will let the learner choose the piece they would like to play. And the teacher is not only leading the student while studying, but supporting them.

So… Does this method really improve the traditional formal education and does it combine well with the informal education? To which extend is this already implemented? Need your voice to discuss it!

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3 Responses to Evolution in music teaching

  1. Lu Hongyang says:

    In a word, this new kind of “teachers” is not the traditional teachers. Instead of just giving students theories and definitions, the new teachers do not teach. Students have problem or want to improve themselves, they can ask teachers for help. Actually this kind of teachers has the similar function of consultants. This is a positive change because the focus in education switches from teaching by teachers to learning by students. And this is more effective than the traditional education method.

    • lichenzha says:

      Indeed, this is a new try to change the way to teach. The advantage is obviously, learners are more motivated to learn music. But I am still wondering whether it is a good way for a beginner or not… Because sometimes the music teacher will give some pieces to the learner to get starting to play the instrument(like a small piece for single technique)… If the learner picks up the piece himself/herself, maybe the teacher cannot explain the techniques one by one(no focus point)? What do you think?

      • Well for this case in particular wouldn’t it just be better for the student to first let the teacher teach until the student has learnt an adequate amount that he can start learning by himself and have the teacher become like a consultant?

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